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How ICT Tools Improve Information Sharing among Farmers in Northern Laos

In the remote hinterland and highland in Laos, a lack of telecommunication infrastructure in rural communities - due to poor roads and telephone links - has limited smallholder access to production information and markets for small-scale trade of subsistence crops or livestock as well as the chance to get better premiums for some high-value products such as NTFPs, wild honey, mushrooms and tree Read on

Put Down Your Phone to Save a Child's Life: UNICEF Tap Project

Someone is willing to make a donation for the time that you do not touch your phone. Sounds absurd right? This can’t be true! Well, if that someone is UNICEF and the donation is going to a child in need to bring them one day of clean water for every 10 minutes you don't touch the phone, I will surely give it a try. You should too, up for the challenge? Read on

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RISE – Bringing Sustainability Down to Earth

Sustainable development has become one of the most frequently used frameworks for analyzing farms in a comprehensive and holistic way. To evaluate sustainable farming systems, many approaches were developed to communicate the notion of ‘sustainability’ from perception level to practical content through indicator-sets based assessment. Read on

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You Can Drink Your Shower Water

Five litres of water will soon be an adequate amount for a good, warm, 10 minute shower. Orbital Shower, or shall we say "The Shower of the Future", promises to use just three percent of the usual amount of shower water by recycling the same first five litres of water over again in order to provide a continuous shower flow . Read on