CO2: Climate Killer or Valuable Resource?

Negative-emissions technologies - that remove carbon dioxide from the air and in some cases, even turn it into something new - are powerful tools in the fight against climate change. In our latest Knowledge article we look at some of the most innovative approaches.

Author Laura Wagener:

Translation Laura Wagener, 04.15.19

There would be no life on Earth without CO2 – no plants, animals or humans. Despite only being naturally present in the air in very low concentrations, CO2 has an enormous impact on our planet’s climate. As anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 emissions rise, however, that natural balance is being disturbed and the Earth is warming up faster than ever before…

In the fight against climate change it is therefore crucial that we reduce CO2 emissions and go one step further to remove some of that already-emitted CO2 from the air. Innovators all over the world are working on ways to do this – using giant air filters, re-creating photosynthesis with artificial leaves, and in some cases even capturing that CO2 and turning it into something new.

In our new Knowledge article – CO2: Climate Killer or Valuable Resource? – RESET takes a look at some of the most interesting developments.

A New Form of Carbon Capture: Turning CO2 Back Into Coal at Room Temperature

Returning to a pre-industrial era before we started burning coal to try and avert climate change might sound like the stuff of dreams for some environmentalists. Now researchers in Australia have come up with a method of "undoing" emissions by turning them back into coal.

Chooose: Offset Your CO2 Emissions (and More!) by Removing Carbon Credits From Climate Offenders

Chooose allows individuals and brands to participate in the global carbon market and make a difference by buying carbon credits.

Prize Winning Invention Sucks Water From the Air Using Carbon Negative Solution

Creating a cloud inside a shipping container, powered by renewable energy - the winner of the Water Abundance XPrize beat off 97 other teams to win 1.5 million USD to develop their innovative technology that "makes water out of thin air".

How Power Plants Can Cut Back on CO2 by Using More of It

A new process enables power plant turbines to be run on CO2, making them more efficient and reducing emissions.

The World’s First Negative Emissions Plant Is Up and Running in Iceland

A climate startup has partnered with Reykjavik Energy to develop the world’s first ‘negative emission’ power plant, and it’s already online.