The Climate Talks Failed to Deliver. Now It’s Over to Us.

After this year's disappointing climate summit, it's more important than ever to see whether the next decade will see us carry on along the same disastrous path, or be able to turn the tide on the climate crisis. One thing is for sure: all of us have the power to make a change and protect our planet!

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Sarah-Indra Jungblut, 12.19.19

After this year’s disappointing climate summit, it’s more important than ever to see whether the next decade will see us carry on along the same disastrous path, or be able to turn the tide on the climate crisis. One thing is for sure: all of us have the power to make a change and protect our planet!

All environmental organisations are in agreement: the 25th edition of the Climate Conference (COP25) in Madrid this December has failed. Rather than tightening up climate targets and regulations on emissions trading, at the end of the longest climate talks on record only a compromise deal was reached. Decisions on many of the biggest questions were delayed until the next major conference in Glasgow in 2020. While the past year has been marked by Fridays for Future demos, declarations of climate emergencies, and reports from scientists all calling for comprehensive and rapid action to reduce our CO2 emissions – there was no sign of this sense of urgency among the political decision-makers in Madrid. When it comes to the international political level, the gap between what is being done and what is urgently needed, is widening.

Instead of acting, everyone – individuals, companies, states – seems to be waiting for the others to go first. But we are all involved in the climate catastrophe, we are all here in the same boat – and it’s a boat that’s threatening to sink. If no one makes the first move to do anything about it, we will all go under. But it works the other way round too: As soon as one person makes a positive move, because we’re already right there with them, we’re perfectly placed to support them in their efforts, grab an oar and help them set out on a new course.

Regardless of what happens in international politics, every person, every company and every country can decide to take action to ensure a low-carbon future – not only directly helping to reduce CO2 emissions, but also paving the way for others to do the same. The “Green Deal” that the EU wants to push forward is an important signal. Climate neutrality and net zero emissions in the entire EU by 2050 are the goals. But these good intentions be followed up by real, concreate action? We’ll find out next year.

So, in 2020 it is more important and truer than ever: It’s down to us! Our future is on our own hands and we need to mobilise like never before. So, take to the streets, be loud in demanding climate action from those in power and make positive changes in your own life too. How and where can you begin? We’ve come up with a few starting points here: 12 Things That You Can Do Right Now on Climate Change.

We are facing decisive years in the next decade; years where we must succeed in radically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. On, we showcase ways out of the climate crisis – and we are more motivated than ever to carry on doing what we do and transmitting our knowledge out into the world to initiate change.

Stick with us – get informed, support our work with a donation, and most importantly, take action!

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