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Follow Your Food From Harvest To Plate at This Soon-to-open San Francisco Restaurant

Concerns about what we put in our mouths are multiplying. Is the food healthy? Does it contain unnecessary enhancers? Were pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics involved in its production? Was it sustainably sourced and produced in a socially responsible manner? Such questions are complex and can either put us off eating altogether, or they can make us bury our heads in the sand. Read on

 Larry Krause

Crowdfunding for Crowdinvesting: New Platform for Climate Projects is Seeking Support

Most people know of crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Anyone can use these portals to collect funds for a project or product idea. Plans are currently underway to launch a platform (called CLIME-IT) specifically for start ups wishing to tackle climate change using innovative solutions. However, the initiators of the project are still in need of support. Read on

Roberto Trombetta

'Venice' - Coming to a City Near You in the Not-so-distant Future

Venice. Some claim it to be the world most beautiful city. Stunning architecture immersed in water. Sometimes literally. Charming, romantic, and a much loved destination for millions of travellers every year. And in the not-so-distant future some travellers will be able to enjoy 'Venice' from the comfort of their own city, all courtesy of climate change. Would you like a sneak preview? Read on

FarmVille Gets Real: Click Here to Plant a Tree

Supposedly everyone should plant a tree once in their lifetime. But where and how exactly? For the internet generation, often living far removed from anything resembling a garden, Treedom offers a simple solution. Pick a tree. Click. Plant it. Click. Track its growth with photos and GPS data. Read on

Keep It In The Ground: Why I’m Signing the Guardian’s Petition

If you’re anything like me, you probably receive a couple of emails a day asking you to sign a petition or lobby a politician about some kind of social issue or environmental campaign. It can quickly become overwhelming. So, if you only have time to sign one petition this week, this month or even this year, make it one that counts. Read on


Watching the Earth Breathe from Space

It is not such groundbreaking news to know that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has already exceeded 400 parts per million. We humans are burning fossil fuels day and night, adding more than 36 billion tonnes of this greenhouse gas every year. Have any of us thought about: where does this CO2 go? Read on