Unfortunately, women are still dis­advantaged, children go to work in­stead of school and freedom of speech is limited. The democratic right to make decisions for one­­self is the ex­ception, not the rule.

Everyone should have equal opportunities and rights. We support people who raise their voice against in­justice. Providing education allows every­one the chance at a better life.

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Anita Peeples

News Karavan: Connecting the Disconnected, Tapping Into Skills and Fostering Integration

A new app is being developed that seeks to empower refugees by fostering an appreciation for their talents and ensuring their skills are meaningfully used. As a refugee, in many countries you are not allowed to work and earn money. What follows is a life in limbo, social isolation, alienation, and an extraordinary waste of talents and skills. What to do? Read on

Video Global Wealth Inequality - What You Never Knew You Never Knew

Organisation TentEEE (Tent for Education, Employment and Environment)

TentEEE finds poor and working children to continue thier education and keep studying to realize their dreams by providing guidance, paying school fees, books etc., We are also running Child Development Centers to develop the students social skills, the individual skills, helping them to go for higher studies and learning English. Read on