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 Renato Cosentino

Spotlight Brazil: "No, I'm Not Going to the World Cup"

It's not long to go until the start of the World Cup in Brazil. Most are looking forward to kick off on 12 June however, Brazil's joy over hosting the World Cup this year and the Olympics in 2016 has been clouded by massive rights violations, evictions and protests by the local population. People have not sat idly by and watched the corrupt machinations of the World Cup organisers; they've taken to the streets. Read on

Judith Owigar: Inspiring African Women in Tech

Judith Owigar has gone from strength to strength in Africa's tech scene despite only 15 percent of women currently occupying that space. She is the owner of the tech startup Juakali, and President of AkiraChix – an organisation centred around building, supporting, and inspiring African women in technology. Read on

 Wayan Vota

iScuela, a Self Learning Platform for Kids

Technology often seems like the biggest promise of education for all in the future – shiny tablets in classrooms, MOOCs opening out learning where quality teachers are scarce and interactivity that can engage children’s imaginations and break down education barriers. A pre-cursor to being able to leverage the leap in technology however is good, interesting content. Read on

A Bank That's Run By Street Children, For Street Children

Set up in the the Fatehpuri neighbourhood of Old Delhi, India is a unique bank which has been set up by children for children aged between 9-18 years. Irrespective of the family background, the bank, called Children’s Development Khazana (CDK) or Bal Vikas Khazana, provides children an opportunity to save money. Read on

The Winner of Ms. Geek 2014 is...Mobile Cow!

Ms. Geek Rwanda is a competition for women in Rwanda who have put their knowledge and skills in the field of ICTs towards innovative ideas. The winning project, Mobile Cow, is a mobile app that allows farmers to monitor the oestrus cycles of cows. Read on