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The First Tablet for the Blind

In a lot of cases, access to the digital world is, for people who are blind or visually impaired, only possible through assistive programmes.However, things are starting to change. Start up Blitab has created a tablet with a tactile screen. Read on


Solar Power, Camera, Action!

Solar Cinema Nepal is a nomadic project that travels through Nepali villages in the Himalayas. Using solar-powered recording equipment, the team works with villagers to create shorts films that shine a light on local issues. Read on


LumenEd: An Accessible Platform for Better Learning Everywhere

Almost half of our country’s children are unable to read or do basic arithmetic. Maybe teachers would like to use additional teaching resources, but the schools have little money and infrastructure. In the developed world, learning about other cultures is mostly limited to reading about them or watching boring documentaries about them. Read on

Steven Depolo

Finding Your Dream Job When Luck Ain’t Counted

While writing this blog, I am also endeavouring to find a full-time job. Many of us don’t just want to find a random job, but a purposeful one that encompasses our passions, interests, and professional goals. Some people may say job hunting sometimes depends on luck and networking. To that, I say come on, we can’t always be passive if we want our dream job. It’s about a commitment to time and effort. An online tool gives you tips to get a job with purpose. Read on

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This Mobile App is Literally Providing ‘Himmat’ to Women in Delhi

Every new harassment incident against women in Delhi makes us realise that the capital city of India still is not a safe space for women more than two years after the horrific rape of a woman on a bus that made headlines around the world. However, numerous actions and programs that have been launched since then show the tide is changing somewhat.  Read on