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Lights On in the Kitefu Primary School in Tanzania!

This past October saw one of our project partners fulfill one of its goals: a solar panel (financed via RESET) was installed in the Kitefu primary school in Tanzania! The panel will, for the first time, bring electricity to the school – light for 792 students and 24 teachers. Read on

Call for Entries: "Internet Rules!" at the AoIR2016

What role do internet laws play within contemporary culture and politics? Aren't rules just there to be broken? And if they are, then how exactly? "Internet Rules!" is the motto at this year's AoIR2016 conference in Berlin, an event that will bring together internet researchers from around the world to answer those very questions. And the organisers are looking for exciting submissions, from people just like you. Read on

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Proof of Concept: Online Charity Shopping

Thanks to the steadily increasing trend to shop online, a number of so-called 'charity shopping platforms' (also called shop-and-donate or cause-related shopping) have arisen that leverage this growing shopping behaviour by using it to generate donations for good causes. The idea is simple – but does it work? We take a closer look. Read on

Google Provides Useful Info to Refugees via the 'Crisis Info Hub'

The number of refugees is rising and the conflict and war is not letting up. Numerous organisations, NGOs and volunteer helpers are working tirelessly to help refugees and cope with the crisis. Google has released a new open source project to assist refugees on their journey – the Crisis Info Hub. Read on

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Circle of 6: A Smartphone App That Prevents Sexual Violence

With one in four university students reporting sexual violence in the US, the issue of security in colleges has become a number one priority within education institutions across the country. Initiatives that seek to promote security on campuses and to ensure that student life is not tarred by preventable sexual violence have flourished. Read on