Catch Every Drop: The WATER WARRIOR Contest

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Imagine there’s no waterIt isn’t hard to doNothing to cook or clean withAnd no flushing too! Imagine all the people living life in vain

Author RESET , 02.28.13

We can’t say enough with regard to the crisis and politics of water in our cities and our country. But the fact is that we’re not doing enough (or anything at all!) to prepare for the dry spell we’re soon going to have to live with. With the disputes over water from Cauvery to the Indus river, we need some crazy ways to make water last through the dry summer.

Your city needs YOU to become a WATER WARRIOR (of taps, not guns!) with a clear mission brief to save every drop from going to waste.

How can you save every drop?

1. Follow our Facebook updates and Twitter feed for all the edutaining information on water shortage in infographics and videos, water conserving and recycling practices and stories by people in their homes, cool tools to measure water usage and ways to get involved in communities to save every drop in the society and save every lake in the city.

2. Post a picture on The Alternative’s Facebook wall or tweet it to @_thealternative (using the hashtag #catcheverydrop) along with a description of what method/practice/tip you are using to save water in your home, apartment building, backyard, school, office, college or hostel.

3. Ask your friends and family to like, share, retweet and favourite your pictures or tweets so that your water saving practice is no longer the best kept secret! We’ll count each ‘like, share, retweet and favourite’ as one vote of pledge towards conserving water and your chances of winning one notch higher.

4. Aside from saving a bazillion drops a.k.a gallons of water for yourself, the community and the city, you win some cool Flipkart discount vouchers.

Catch Every Drop is the beginning of a movement aimed at sustainable water conservation, harvesting and recharge in and by Bangalore city.

Catch Every Drop is a campaign on sustainable water conservation by The Alternative, sponsored byArghyam, with partners India Water Portal.

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