Calling All Wireless and Mobile Tech Social Innovators!

The Vodafone Americas Foundation is currently calling for submissions as part of its annual Wireless Innovation Project.

Author Anna Rees, 01.04.16

The Vodafone Americas Foundation is currently calling for submissions as part of its annual Wireless Innovation Project.

The competition, which will be held for the eighth time in 2016, looks to recognise and support projects and initiatives that use mobile/wireless technology to address social and environmental problems. Projects run by universities or non-profit organisations in the USA are eligible to apply with the first place entry a receiving cash prize of 300,000 USD, while second and third place winners receive 200,000 USD and 100,000 USD respectively (the funds will be distributed to winners over the course of three years).

Submissions must present a solution to a clearly defined social problem within the areas of education, health, access to communication, environment, or economic development. The programme is particularly seeking projects that demonstrate advancements in wireless technology and all projects submitted must be at the advanced prototype phase and ready for field testing during the course of the competition (all entrance criteria can be found here).

Past winners include Seva Sustainable Sanitation, a project that uses mobile technology to monitor and maintain sanitation facilities in developing regions; MoboSens, a smartphone-based water sensor that measures water quality; MobileODT, technology that converts digital cameras into screening devices for cervical cancer; and SOKO Enterprise, a tool that allows small-scale fashion entrepreneurs in developing countries to manage a number of fundamental business operations (including receiving payment) via their mobile.

The deadline to apply to the Wireless Innovation Project is 22 February 2016. Head to the website to find out more.

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