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Circular economy goes digital

As the term itself suggests, circular economy is not limited to recycling only. It aims to fundamentally reduce waste and potentially create a zero-waste society. With an ever increasing digitisation of our daily lives, we now start to benefit from additional options to keep waste levels low. Read on

The Circular Economy as a Key Tool for Tackling Global Challenges

Earlier this month, leaders from 20 major countries met at the G20 Summit in Germany to discuss the biggest challenges of our time. But in the end, no far-reaching or pioneering solutions were brought to the table. But there's certainly no shortage of ideas out there - like, for example, the concept of the circular economy. Read on

Migraflix: Where Refugees and Immigrants Become Cultural Ambassadors

By bringing together locals and foreigners through intercultural exchange, Migraflix is helping to flip the typical immigrant paradigm on its head. Rather than being seen as foreigners in need of help from their new country, instead they become entrepreneurs, enriching their new communities with their own unique skills. Read on