Our way of life effects the environment and biodiversity. We overfish oceans and cut down forests for toilet paper and steak. We destroy wildlife habitats, leading to extinction of flora and fauna.

We can change the way we consume and urge politicians to implement regulations for the protection of species. If we create sanctuaries for endangered species, we can preserve biodiversity.

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News Searching Green

Green search engine Ecosia turns clicks and searches into life-saving remedies for the rainforest. Read on

News Assam floods result in death of endangered wildlife

Monsoon-induced floods in the north-eastern state of Assam in India have had a devastating effect on the region, killing 121 people and displacing over two million more. The floods have also hit the area’s endangered wildlife, resulting in the death of more than 400 hog deer and 14 one-horned rhinos. Read on

Organisation Save the Elephants

Save the Elephants is a London-headquartered nonprofit organization founded in September 1993 by Iain Douglas-Hamilton. Save the Elephants works to sustain elephant populations and preserve the habitats in which elephants are found, while at the same time fostering a heightened appreciation and visibility for elephants and their often fragile existence. Read on