FECOFUN - Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal

The Federation of community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) is a formal network of Forest User Groups (FUGs) from all over Nepal. FECOFUN emerged from the idea that forest users from all parts of the country should be linked in order to strengthen the role of Users in policy making processes. Read on

Ladakh Ecology Footprint

Ladakh Ecological Footprint tries to raise people's awareness about Ladakh's enviroment by organizing ecologically conscious treks and giving people a chance to understand Ladakh's society and culture from the inside out. Read on

Forest Survey of India (FSI)

Forest Survey of India (FSI) is an organisation under the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India Its principal mandate is to conduct survey and assessment of forest resources in the country. It started as an organization called Pre- Investment Survey of Forest Resources(PISFR) in 1965 as FAO/UNDP/GOI Project. Read on

WWF India

WWF-India is one of the largest conservation organisation engaged in wildlife and nature conservation in the country. Historically, WWF-India started as a wildlife conservation organisation with a focus on protecting a particular species of wild flora and fauna. Over the years, the perspective broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of conservation issues facing the country. Read on