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Keeping Tabs on Plastic in Our Oceans

Remember that romanticised notion of placing a message in a bottle, putting it in the ocean and wistfully dreaming about where it would end up? Well, thanks to organisations like Adrift, you can track the whereabouts of your bottle – and almost every other bottle thrown into the ocean. Read on

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Event: RTI for Wildlife Conservation

Veteran conservationist, Biswajit Mohanty, has employed a number of tools in his endeavours to conserve wildlife. In this talk on Sunday, he'll outline perhaps one of the most unlikely of those tools (yet one that has yielded exceptional results): the Right to Information Act (RTI)! Read on

Eco-Friendly Plant Growth from Thin Air

A researcher from the University of Nottingham has developed an eco-friendly way for plants to derive nitrogen from air, which could alleviate agriculture's reliance on synthetic crop fertilisers. Read on