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Robotic Tumbleweeds Used to Analyse the Desert

The desert lives and breathes or so the saying goes. How exactly this occurs is not always clear so green designer, Shlomi Mir, is attempting to get the bottom of it all. To collect information and make predictions about the desert, Mir is looking to set some tech-charged tumbleweeds blowing across the land. Read on

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Mangrove Forest of Hong Kong

What was the impression when westerners first arrived in Hong Kong in the 17th century? “No trees, much grass!“ was their comment. Although the original vegetation of Hong Kong no longer exists after decades of urban development, we have a large area of country parks and mountain ranges covered with trees and secondary forest. Read on

Eco-tags for Sanctuaries in Maharashtra, India

Union Environment Ministry of India on Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 announced that around 60,000 square km area of the Western Ghats have been identified as an ecologically sensitive zone, out of which over 17,000 sq km falls in Maharashtra and which in total covers 2,133 villages itself in the state. Read on