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 Evan Leeson

ICTs for Forestry and Green Growth

Climate Change and green growth are at the top of the natural resource development agenda of many developing countries, the latter a means to foster economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies. Read on

Forest Carbon

Mapping Forest Carbon Stocks in Laos

Laos is rich in biodiversity. Its numerous landscapes range from mountainous areas to lowland plains. Laos is also a country rich in forest cover. Currently, 40 percent of the land area is covered by virgin forest, which is roughly classified into production, protection and conservation forest. Read on


Tracking Forest Landscape Transformation in Latin America

Measuring the loss of evergreen forest cover in protected areas as well as deforestation in forest- rich countries such as those in Latin America has played a crucial role in climate change mitigation. How can forest cover change be measured? The use of nearly real-time remote sensing is an effective tool for detecting shifts in forest canopies and identifying protection levels. Read on


Robotic Tumbleweeds Used to Analyse the Desert

The desert lives and breathes or so the saying goes. How exactly this occurs is not always clear so green designer, Shlomi Mir, is attempting to get the bottom of it all. To collect information and make predictions about the desert, Mir is looking to set some tech-charged tumbleweeds blowing across the land. Read on