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Imagine Planting a Forest

Imagine someone single-handedly planted a forest on a parched sandbar and over the course of thirty years, by tirelessly tending to it, turned it into a lush, thriving ecosystem. What a beautiful anecdote that would be to illustrate an individual’s ability to positively affect the environment through their passion, determination and will. The best part of the story would be if it were true. Thanks to one man’s jawdropping resolve, it is. Read on

Army Medicine

The Importance of Biodiversity For Medicine

When we think about species extinction, the first images that all too often come to mind are some of those lovable big furry animals with high profile campaigns and appeals for donations. Who can forget WWF efforts to save the Panda? However, the loss of biodiversity is a worrying issue on a much wider scale and with direct human consequences. Read on