Band Dúné supports RESET!

The Band Dúné: Mattias, Ole, Simon, Danny, Piotrek und Malte. ©Dúné

RESET ist delighted to announce the band Dúné as prominent supporter. The Danish band is one of RESET´s latest peers to contribute to making the world a better and more sustainable place.

Author Rima Hanano, 11.11.10

Founded in 2001 in the small Danish town Skive, the six musicians drew European-wide attention to themselves already during school days. In 2007 they released their album “We are in there, you are out here” with Sony Music. Songs like “Bloodlines”, “Dry lips” and “80 Years” quickly gained international attention. Extensive touring in Europa and Japan followed, as well as various festival gigs – among others in Roskilde. Their explosive live performances are legendary.

With their powerful mix of 70s punk, 80s pop and 90s indie-rock and some nordic melancholy Dúné stands for finest electro-rock. Many other artists, such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, the Strokes and David Bowie, inspired Dúné.

After a 10 months residence in Kopenhagen Mattias, Ole, Simon, Danny, Piotrek and Malte moved to Berlin, where they live today. Their city experiences inspired their second album “Enter Metropolis”. For their productions they gained various awards, among other the European Border Breakers Award and the P3-Gold-Award. In the meantime, Dúné have played more than 300 concerts. They acted as supporters for Muse, the Foo Fighters, Panic! At the Disco and Die Ärzte. Currently they are working on their third album.

Dúné finds that it is time to engage oneself for a better world. “RESET is an excellent opportunity, not only to get informed on environment and social justice subjects, but also to find combatants and take action”, says Mattias Kolstrup, lead singer of the band. Because: “If we are not part of the solution, we are unfortunately a part of the problem.”

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Torge Peters/ Studio Nørden
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