Tristan Rayner

About me

Tristan is an Australian freelance editor and writer working from Berlin, the best kind of Hotel California. He’s also an Electrical Engineer who loves innovative green energy projects.

Articles by Tristan


Seatrec: Harnessing Green Energy From the Depths of the Sea

A new clean energy harvesting solution could help optimise ocean observation technologies - making them more resilient, powerful, eco-friendly and a whole lot more effective at collecting valuable data.

Carbon Thumbprint: Visualising the Climate Impact of Mobile Data Emissions

We've all heard of carbon footprints. But what about carbon thumbprints? One Australian phone network is raising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of our mobile data use - with the help of augmented reality.

Autonomous Drone Deliveries Provide Life-Saving Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

High-tech drones are providing fast, remote medical delivery services in Africa, Europe and the US - transporting medicines, equipment, blood samples, testing devices and more. And in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they're doubling down on their efforts.

BikeFair: A Digital Platform Bringing Trust to the Secondhand Bike Market

Bike theft is cruelly familiar for many people. Countless cyclists have been victims of that all-too familiar unfortunate surprise: no bike, a broken lock, and few witnesses. BikeFair is a digital platform that aims to stop stolen bike sellers in their tracks.

Plantyflix: Offsetting the Carbon Footprint of Your Streaming Habit

Plantyflix is a subscription service that invests your monthly payment in planting trees - to offset all of the carbon emissions you generated last month by watching Netflix.

A Smart Energy-Saving Radiator to Help Power the Energy Transition

One young French company has developed a simple plug and play wall heater that can help users to control and reduce their energy use, as well as help power companies manage peaks in consumption.

2019: The Year of the “Sustainable” Smartphone Case?

The world of consumer tech doesn't tend to have a big focus on sustainability. But this year's IFA conference had a few promising developments on display - at least in one particular corner.

Fairphone 3: Introducing the World’s Newest Ethical (and Affordable) Smartphone

Fairphone, a social enterprise bringing sustainable materials and ethical production into the consumer electronics market, is back with a new device for Europe’s ethically-minded smartphone buyers.

Bound4blue: Wind-Powered Wingsails for a Greener Shipping Industry

The impact of global shipping is huge, and we’ve previously written numerous times about both the impact and the upcoming much-needed crackdown on emissions in 2025.