Terri Kafyeke

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Terri

Liter of Light: Turning Plastic Bottles Into Solar Lightbulbs

A foundation from the Philippines brings light to zones without electricity, one plastic bottle at a time. The technology is open source and the foundation wishes to empower people to spread and install these lights in their communities.

SirPlus: Can a Supermarket and an App Help Eradicate Food Waste?

Fighting food waste one delivery at a time: that is the ambition of the SirPlus team. The trio is planning to open a food outlet selling only saved food, and their market will have an online shop with same day delivery in Berlin.

BeeAnd.me: A Smart Baby Monitor for Bees

Can digitization ensure the survival of bees? Thanks to BeeAnd.me’s hardware and software, keeping the precious pollinators healthy has never been easier.


Peek Retina Turns Smartphones Into Mobile Ophthalmoscopes

An ophthalmologist has created a device that allows smartphone cameras to capture images of patient’s retinas. It's a breakthrough that could help prevent blindness in low-income countries.

Kara Solar: A Solar-Powered Transportation System for the Amazon

A solar-powered boat transportation system has been designed that combines modern photovoltaic technology with traditional indigenous knowledge. 

Flo: the Smart Traffic Light for Urban Bikes

For many cyclists, red lights are a pain in the neck. Flo helps users catch more green lights by indicating how they should adjust their speed, in real time.

The Moto Log: How Cooking With Coffee Can Keep Refugees Safe

Refugee women and children spend hours gathering firewood in unsafe zones. A log made of coffee grounds, wax and sugar could spare them these risky trips.

Ooho! Will These Edible Blobs Replace Water Bottles?

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, a UK lab has developed seaweed-based shells that encapsulate water. As well as having a cool, futuristic appearance, their low environmental impact and cheap production make them an interesting alternative to plastic bottles.

A Food Wrap Made of Beeswax Generates Buzz Around the World

Want to save your food leftovers without using plastic? No problem! A small business in Vermont produces an eco-friendly food wrap made of cotton and beeswax.