Silvana Steiniger

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Silvana


The RESET App Check: Buycott Aims to Uncover Brands’ Affiliations

Many shoppers probably do not want to their grocery dollars ending up in the pockets of defense companies. But it is not always so easy to see where our consumer coin ends up. The Buycott app aims to lay bare a brand’s affiliations in order to facilitate conscious consumption. But how reliable is this app? We tested it out.

Drones and Satellites for Good – Satellites Show the Strain of CO2 on the Planet

Since the 1970s, researchers have been using satellites to track the planet's weather and climate indicators, using the data to visualise phenomena like melting sea ice and ocean acidification. Now, scientists have realised that the speed of satellites is indicative of CO2 levels.