Jasmina Schmidt

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Jasmina

Prototype Fund in Interview: Promoting Public Interest Tech in Times of Covid

Technology developed for the good of society - Germany's Prototype Fund has been supporting "tech for good" projects since 2016. We spoke to Patricia Leu about public interest tech, sustainability and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their mission.


Bluefield: Using Satellites to Detect Methane Leaks From Space

Leaks in natural gas pipelines often cause methane to escape undetected into the atmosphere, where it fuels climate change. Bluefield is using satellites and optical sensors to detect these leaks from space.

Berlin Startup HEDERA is Measuring the Impact of Microfinance Projects

Is sustainability measurable? The startup HEDERA has developed a digital toolkit to collect and visualise data for the microfinance sector - making it easier to find out whether projects achieve the desired impact.

Freeing the Seas From Ghost Fishing Nets – With the Help of an App

A new app from the WWF lets individuals join a digital team cleaning up “ghost nets” - discarded fishing nets polluting our seas and oceans.

New Study Shows Digital Tech Can Help Mini-Grids Bring Truly Sustainable Energy to Remote Areas

For many people living in rural areas around the globe, micro-grids are a lifeline, the only reliable source of power. A new study has shown that upgrading those grids with the help of digital tech could help make that power greener, more reliable and more sustainable than ever before.

An AI-Powered Plant Doctor Helps Farmers Tackle Crop Pests and Plant Diseases

The Plantix app uses machine learning to detect crop pests and diseases and provides tips on how to treat them - helping ensure greater food security and secure the livelihoods of small farmers.

Winnow: Harnessing the Power of AI to Tackle Food Waste in the Catering Industry

From farm to plate, unnecessary waste is a huge problem throughout the food supply chain. London-based company Winnow has come up with an AI-integrated waste disposal system to help restaurants dramatically reduce what gets thrown away.

Map Kibera: How Grassroots Mapping Projects are Empowering Slums in Nairobi

Ten years ago, Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum, was just a blank spot on the map. But that's all changed: ever since young local residents created the first ever free and open digital map of their community.

KiteKraft: Wind Power from Kite Turbines Could Revolutionise the Energy Sector

A wind turbine designed like a kite is set to shake up the wind power sector. Are traditional wind turbines on their way out?