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Torge Peters

4 Ways to Get Involved With Reset for a Green and Fair Future

We are convinced that a green and fair future is possible! Do you want to get involved with us for a sustainable world?

RESET Panel at the Bits & Bäume Conference: A Successful Energy Transition in Your Neighbourhood

From September 31st to October 2nd, 2022, the Bits & Bäume Conference will take place in Berlin. RESET will take the stage to host an expert panel.

Smart Cities: Efficient, Sustainable, Digitised Living

Our current global environment is undergoing significant changes that have never been experienced in the history of humanity. Coupled with an increase in rural to urban migration, the need to create sustainable communities and cities is more visible than ever before. We take a look at the notion of 'Smart Cities'.

Sheltersuit – A Warm Jacket and a Portable Bed Combined

For many people, it's not always possible to curl up in a warm bed at the end of the day. The Sheltersuit Foundation has designed an innovative, super-warm jacket that becomes a bed at night - a portable shelter for people who don't have a roof over their heads.

ForTomorrow – How Stockpiling CO2 Emissions Could Help the Climate

We have to drastically reduce global CO2 emissions in the next few years if we are to achieve the Paris climate targets. A young startup from Germany believes that buying up those emissions could help us achieve that goal.


Vegetable Gardens To Go: Fighting Hunger With Mobile Greenhouses

Whether war, cramped living conditions or natural disasters - in humanitarian crisis situations, aid organisations often face the issue of how to ensure a sufficient food supply for affected populations. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has developed a solution.


Tip Me’s Digital Tipping Solution Lets You Tip the Workers Who Made Your Clothes

What if you could show your gratitude and appreciation to the people who made your favourite products, in the same way you might tip the staff at a favourite restaurant? With tip me, now you can.

Green City Watch: Using Geospatial Technology to Help Urban Trees Thrive

Green City Watch is working at the intersection of geospatial data and artificial intelligence in a bid to streamline and optimise the way cities care for their green spaces. RESET spoke to co-founder Nadina Galle about their work and to find out how the technologies they're using could change our relationship to nature in the long term.

Plaxtil: A French Firm Finds a Way to Recycle Single-Use Face Masks

Disposable, single-use surgical face masks are quickly becoming yet another throwaway product that's a burden on the environment. In France, one startup has come up with a way to give them a second life.