Maaike Reynaert

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Maaike

From Soiled Nappies to Just Plain Soil

Used baby nappies. Anyone dealing with them most likely just wants to get rid of them – the sooner the better. What a waste! What if the piles garbage each baby creates per year could be turned into 1000 kilograms of healthy soil instead? The team behind the Dycle project is looking to make this a reality.


TIMES Pieces: The Will to Share – A Tool to Discover ICT in Agriculture

The use of Information and Communication Technologies in African countries is increasing and is playing a huge role in rural development. We spoke with Elisabetta Demartis, founder of Italian start-up Agritools, about discovering the real effects of the use of ICTs through sharing stories of young African tech savvies that want to bring agriculture to the next level.

A Resource from the Sea We’d Like to See More Of

Last June, the first offshore seaweed harvest in the Dutch Northsea yielded just 15 kilograms. But this little amount of fast-growing algae could be very promising for the European seaweed industry, which is preparing to scale up. What are the future prospects of seaweed farming and will they be sustainable?

Beetle-Plastic the New Bio-Plastic?

Breeding insects on an industrial scale could meet the increasing demand for feed for cattle.

Drones: Propelling Sustainable Development

The word 'drone' often conjures up imagery and associations with warfare due to the heavy use of drones by the military. However, drones, which are often referred to as UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles, are being used more and more in other ways in society.

Could The Sun End Africa’s Energy Divide?

Last month, the Africa Progress Panel launched its 2015 report with a very ambitious plan: to make electricity accessible to every single African by the year 2030. This means putting pressure on Western and African leaders to transform Africa's energy system. Luckily we do not have to wait for long in this regard.