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Leander Jones

About me

Leander is a writer, musician, and political science graduate. He moved to Berlin in 2015, and since has been involved in numerous environmental campaigns. He is a Communications Assistant at Reset, responsible for research, writing and editing articles for the News and Knowledge sections.

Articles by Leander

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Prioritising Positive Societal Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a mechanism by which companies hold themselves to a set of legal, ethical, social and ecological standards. It is a form of business self-regulation that has developed alongside greater public awareness of ethical and environmental issues. But is it always a force for good?


Treeferral: A Tree Planting Scheme With a Financial Incentive

Treeferral is a new initiative that wants to massively accelerate tree planting projects around the world - by using the lure of a financial reward.


EU Mobility Atlas Reveals Potentials of Sustainable Transportation – But There’s a Long Road Ahead

Making up nearly 30% of emissions within the EU, the transport sector needs to be radically transformed if we are to reach climate neutrality by 2050. The EU Mobility Atlas from the Böll Foundation gives us the latest about the state of our transport system and the prospect of a future for sustainable travel in Europe.

Worthmore: Turning Smartphones Into Cash for Sustainable Causes

Smartphones are incredibly resource-intensive to produce, and the consumerist obsession with buying new phones has a huge negative impact on our planet. A new startup, Worthmore, is offering a transparent and sustainable way to turn used phones into positive impact.

New Technology Uses Food Waste to Turn UV Light Into Renewable Energy

A technology called AuREUS , which uses waste materials to turn UV light into electricity, even without direct sunlight, has won the James Dyson Award’s first-ever Sustainability Prize.

This Youth-Led Movement is Making Climate Science Accessible Outside the West

The people who are most affected by climate change are often the least able to access information about it. Climate Cardinals, a new youth-led volunteer organisation, is seeking to change that - by translating crucial climate change resources into over 100 different languages.

Pharx: A New App Helps Iraqis Access Affordable Medicine

Collusion between certain pharmacists and doctors in Iraq makes medicine prohibitively expensive for many low-income people in Iraq. The Pharx app was designed to change that.

Dr Tania: An Indonesian AI Chatbot Helps Farmers Identify and Treat Crop Disease

Dr. Tania is a smart farming app which uses a deep learning algorithm to help Indonesian farmers identify and treat crop disease and fight pests.

Earth Overshoot Day 2020 Delayed by Three Weeks Due to Coronavirus

On August 22nd 2020, humans will have used up Earth's resource budget for the entire year - a significant improvement when compared to 2019, where Earth Overshoot Day was on July 29th. But while it might seem like a reason to celebrate, the situation is a lot more complex than it appears at first glance.