Laura Wagener

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Laura

CO2: Climate Killer or Valuable Resource?

Negative-emissions technologies - that remove carbon dioxide from the air and in some cases, even turn it into something new - are powerful tools in the fight against climate change. In our latest Knowledge article we look at some of the most innovative approaches.

Spoontainable: Making Summer More Sustainable With Edible Cocoa Ice-Cream Spoons

Just in time for the start of the season, Spoontainable has come up with a plastic-free alternative to those tiny, "use them for five minutes and then throw them away" spoons that you normally get with your ice-cream.

Sustainable Fashion to the Power of Two: Ethically Made From Recycled One-Use Plastics

Not only does sportswear brand Girlfriend Collective produce clothes made recycled plastic bottles - the company also ensures that the whole production process meets sustainable standards.

Greater Change: Giving Spare Change Sustainably via Your Smartphone

The ever-growing digital flow of money is rapidly making cash obsolete. Bad news for those people whose livelihoods depend on other people's small change. But now an Oxford-based NGO wants to bring so-called "micro-donations" into the digital age.

Better Than Cash Alliance – Towards a Better, Cashless Future

What's slow, unsafe and is holding back development opportunities in low-resource countries? Cash, according to the Better Than Cash Alliance. They want to make money completely digital - and by doing so, make the world more economically and socially sustainable.


Meet Noah, the World’s First Recyclable Car

Powered by electricity, completely recyclable and made from renewable materials - does this sound like a car to you? Absolutely. Say hello to "Noah".

The Ocean Cleanup Gets a Helping Hand From Pacific Garbage Screening

What started out as one German architecture student's final project is set to make waves when it comes to tackling one of our most pressing environmental issues - ocean plastic.

Space is Filling Up With Junk. What Can We Do About It?

The hundreds of thousands of bits of scrap orbiting the Earth at breakneck speed pose an ever greater risk to satellites and spacecraft. Solutions are being worked on around the world to try and find the best way to free the Earth's orbit from space debris.

The Netherlands’ Solution for Affordable Homes? Social Housing Fresh From the 3D Printer

What sounds like a utopia is already becoming reality in France and the Netherlands: in just a few days, huge 3D printers are able to produce entire houses.