Julian Furtkamp

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Julian

Veemo: the Pedal-Powered Velomobil That Thinks It’s a Car

What if you could combine the versatility of a bike with the functionality of a car? Say hello to the Veemo.

BuffaloGrid: The Solar Hubs Keeping Off-Grid Communities Connected

BuffaloGrid's mini charging stations are helping keep people online and small-business owners earn a bit of extra cash.

La Caverne: Growing Mushrooms Under the Streets of Paris

A disused car park hidden under the streets of Paris has become the home of a huge indoor agriculture experiment - an urban permaculture project called "the cave".

Sulapac’s Wood-Based Packaging Scoops the Green Alley Award

Sulapac offers a new waste-free, recyclable and biodegradable solution to what was previously only possible with plastics.

Do You Love Infographics and Visualised Data? Then These Awards Are For You

The Information is Beautiful Awards recognise excellence in the field of data visualisation and shine a light on some of the world's most pressing social and environmental issues.

CALTROPe: Tackling Land Loss With Modular Mangrove Forests

A team of designers has developed a modular mangrove planting system that could help save critical coastlines from rising sea levels.

Gradian: Keeping Heartbeats Going When the Electricity Stops

A power cut in the middle of an operation can mean the difference between life and death. The social enterprise Gradian has developed a machine designed to work without electricity or oxygen.

Triton Soles: Biodegradable Flip-Flips Made From Algae

Flip-Flops are the most-sold shoes in the world - and the most often thrown away. What if something could be done to stop all that plastic ending up as landfill?

Aceleron: Giving Old Batteries a Second Lease of Life

Laptop battery on its last legs? Don't get rid of it just yet - it could still be repurposed into a new form of low cost energy storage.