Hanadi Siering

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Hanadi


Drones and Satellites for Good – Drones as Flying Ambulances

In areas with poor road infrastructure, getting vital equipment and supplies to residents can be difficult. One US-based organisation is looking at how drones could be used as medical couriers.

Drones and Satellites for Good – Satellites Predict Patterns of Disease

Nighttime lights reveal a lot about us: where we live, how many of us live in one spot and now where serious illnesses are most likely to occur and break out. Namely, there is a large connection between migrating people, brightly-lit cities and seasonal outbreaks of the measles. As part of our RESET Special 'Drones and Satellites for Good', we take a look at how serious diseases can be detected using satellite imagery.

RESET Special: Refugee Aid 2.0 – Living and Cooking Beyond Borders

According to figures from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 51 million people are currently seeking asylum, have refugee status or are internally displaced. As a result of natural and humanitarian disasters, this number is growing.

RESET Special: Small Steps, Big Impact – Five Quick Tips for Climate-Friendly Living: Day 5

If we work together, we can put more time towards rubbish separation, seek fresh air in our cities or create new conservation areas. Want to know where to start? This week, we will be providing simple tips to start building a more climate-friendly life. Whether you're just getting started on the green path or you're a pro, there's tips for everyone. Today we look at gifts that give back.


How 15 Island Nations Are Changing Ocean Conservation

In this excellent short video from Conservation International, the importance of creating a vast network of protected areas in the Pacific is explained.

“Getting the Institutions right” – The Sustainable Hyderabad Project (SHP)

Freely adapted from the motto “Think globally, act locally” a group of Indian and German researchers, academics and experts founded the ‘SHP’ which is coordinated by the Humboldt University Berlin and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.