Annalisa Dorigo

Ehemalige*r Mitarbeiter*in / Former team member

Articles by Annalisa

Air Pollution Recycled and Turned Into Ink With Air Ink

A new innovation makes it possible to capture air pollution from car engines before it contaminates our cities and lungs - and turn it into ink.

Solar Power at Your Fingertips With the Solar Suitcase

How to help hospitals with unreliable electricity supplies deliver life-saving treatment? A portable solar power system - that fits into a suitcase - has been doing just that.Lack of electricity and hospitals don't go well together: equipment cannot be operated, hospital communications are hindered, health workers are unable to provide appropriate and timely medical care.


Karavan: Connecting the Disconnected, Tapping Into Skills and Fostering Integration

A new app is being developed that seeks to empower refugees by fostering an appreciation for their talents and ensuring their skills are meaningfully used.As a refugee, in many countries you are not allowed to work and earn money. What follows is a life in limbo, social isolation, alienation, and an extraordinary waste of talents and skills. What to do?

This Living Building Material Could Help Turn London Into a National Park City

A team of landscape designers have come up with the Green Block, a living building material that could help London become a National Park City, the first of its kind.

This Dutch Company Is Recycling Toilet Paper and Turning It Into Cycle Lanes

Did you know toilet paper can be used more than once? In Holland, a new technology that recycles loo roll is being used to create material for bike lanes.

No Trees Needed: This Company Is Making Paper Out of Stone

Energy and environmentally intensive wood-pulp paper may now have a revolutionary, sustainable and unexpected competitor: paper made of stone.

Islamophobia Watch: Reporting Islamophobic Incidents on Your Smartphone

Islamophobia Watch is an app that enables people to anonymously record and share information about religiously-motivated attacks on Muslim Australians.

Band Aid: How Smart Plasters Could Soon Promote Faster and Better Healing

Scientists have designed a smart plaster that can deliver customised medication via smartphone technology.

Floating City Apps: Sustainable Solutions for Urban Slums

A Dutch architecture studio has devised a range of floating solutions to provide urban slums with sanitation, electricity, health care and other basic services, while also reducing the slums' waste problem at the same time. How?