Ana Galán Herranz

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Articles by Ana Galán

The Latest in Future Food Is 3D-Printed, Totally Meat-Free Steak

Bioengineers have developed meat-free steaks made from vegetable proteins, made in a 3D printer, which mimic both the taste and texture of real beef.

Collecting Data From Space to Help Protect the Planet

Using satellite imagery and AI, one Portuguese company is creating geospatial insights to help businesses understand and solve key environmental challenges.

Smart Seeds and Drones Could Plant 10 Million Trees in Ten Years

Spanish ecopreneurs are turbo-charging reforestation efforts by combining drones and "smart seeds" to make the tree-planting process more efficient, faster and cheaper too.

Researchers Turn Beer Into “Green” Gasoline

A group of researchers in Spain has managed to turn a brewery by-product into a fuel that's similar to conventional gasoline.

Origens Brasil: A Green QR Code for More Respect for the Amazon

A Brazilian organization is supporting a low carbon economy in the Amazon while raising awareness for indigenous communities and their history - all with a help of a green certification and a QR code. 

How Disclosing Your (Environmental) Data Might Make the World a Better Place

A UK organization is calling on companies and governments to disclose their environmental statistics in a bid to help the fight against climate change.

The World’s Second Solar Train En Route to the Cradle of the Incas

This summer, the world's second solar-powered train will go into operation - taking hundreds of tourists on a scenic trip through Argentina, and eventually on towards Bolivia and Peru, all the way to Machu Picchu.

Want to Cut Your Carbon Footprint? Here Are a Few Ideas for How to Get Started

As the proverb goes, "Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world." When it comes to the environment, what are the small things that we can do to have the most positive impact?

BeON Energy: Plug and Play Solar Kits Designed to Bring Clean Energy to All

A Portuguese startup has created a plug and play photovoltaic system that makes it easier than ever for people to become solar energy producers.