Apply to the European Youth Award!

Got an idea for a digital project that has social value? Then this award could be for you!

Author Anna Rees, 12.21.15

Got an idea for a digital project that has social value? Then this award could be for you!

The European Youth Award (EYA) is a Europe-wide competition for young people who are developing digital projects such as websites, apps or ‘Internet of Things’ approaches among others. The crucial aspect of the EYA is that all projects must bring some sort of value to society. The winners will head to the EYA Festival which takes place in Graz, Austria in November 2016.

Here are the criteria you and your project need to meet in order to take part:

  • You must be younger than 33 years old
  • You must be from one of the Council of Europe member states or Kosovo or Belarus (see here for a full list of eligible countries)
  • The project is already in the development stage
  • The project has clear social value (i.e. it helps the sick or supports learning)

The projects must also fall within one of the following seven categories:

  • Healthy Life: fitness | nutrition | healthcare | med tec
  • Smart Learning: education | e-skills | open science | infotainment
  • Connecting Cultures: language | travelling | diversity | new communities
  • Go Green: sustainable energy | mobility | smart cities | climate change
  • Money Matters: financial literacy | employment | fundraising | fin tec
  • Open Innovation: disruptive apps | games | crazy stuff | digital magic
  • Active Citizenship: citizen journalism | social cohesion | human rights | (wo)men empowerment

The EYA Festival brings together opinion-leaders, changemakers and creative thinkers as a means of fostering exchange. The Award is designed to help young people using digital tools towards social good gain access to experts in the field and gather knowledge and know-how about how to take their project to the next level.

Convinced? Head over to the website and apply. Good luck!

Translated in part from this article by Marius Hasenheit which was published on our German platform.

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