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Fire-Resistant Building Blocks Made From Rice Residue and Ocean Plastic

Many of the inventions that we use in modern society were born from "failure", discovered accidentally, while somebody was busy trying to create something else. That's how we ended up with the microwave and penicillin. And that's also how HiperIn was created, a brand new type of material that could reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry. Read on

A Uniquely Artistic Take On Lisbon's Trash

How does that saying go again? "One man's trash is another man's... mural?" A talented young street artist from Lisbon has created a serious of mammoth-sized sculptures on the streets of his hometown: collecting local garbage and ingeniously constructing it into eye-popping 3D works of art. Read on

Tetra Pak

Project Search by Tetra Pak

There is a ray of light, hope for change. Organisations like Tetra Pak, arguably one of the main contributors to waste as a result of its product packaging, has taken up a project "Project SEARCH" which aims to create awareness by talking to students, making them 'Green Agents of Change' and instilling in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Read on