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RESET makes solutions-driven, independent journalism, reporting on a sustainable digital future. We share stories and insights about projects and businesses that are using innovative ideas for positive impact. As an impact organisation, RESET supports ecopreneurs with consultation and expertise.

The Sustainability Platform RESET

The current era is shaped by two key developments: increasing digitalisation and the rapid advance of climate change. How can we use digital tools for sustainable development? And how can we ensure that digitalisation develops sustainably? At RESET we take a nuanced look at the latest news from the field of sustainability and digitalisation, report on new solutions and promote positive impact. We’re dedicated to the principles of constructive journalism, also known as solutions journalism. We don’t just ask what the problems are, we also ask “What’s working?” and “How can we have more of it?”

Impact Finance: RESET supports ecopreneurs

Ecopreneurs and social entrepreneurs are shaking up the economy by combining business principles with a sense of responsibility for society and the environment. We want to take this development further and transform our society step by step. That’s why RESET supports green and social entrepreneurs by writing about their work, advising them on key issues and actively helping them to raise growth capital.

Sustainability since 2007

The not-for-profit organisation RESET was set up in 2007 by German entrepreneurs Uta Mühleis and Bodo Kräter.

Uta studied environmental and development policy and has been working with digital media since the mid-90s. Bodo has been committed to new digital business models for decades and has already helped more than 100 start-ups to successful financing.

The RESET editorial office is located in Berlin. This means that our content tends to have a European perspective. But climate change and social justice are issues that affect us all – and smart solutions are being worked on around the globe. With, we want to provide a platform for all of these. RESET international team of authors brings together a wide range of skills, united by the urgent need to demonstrate that there are stories of a better world that need telling.

RESET’s work has been recognised multiple times, including by UNESCO, the GreenTecAwards and the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas”.

Keynote, Workshop or Expert Article – RESET Shares Its Knowledge

With RESET we’ve been keeping our eye on global developments in the area of “digital for good“ for more than ten years. During this time we’ve discovered hundreds of clever solutions, detected new movements and reported on emerging trends. We’re happy to share our knowledge about digital green and social innovations.

How is RESET financed?

RESET is financed through fixed, independent funding partners, as well as receiving partial funding through making our expertise available to selected ecopreneurs. We sometimes receive funding for individual environmental projects. Because does not use advertising or content marketing, we also rely on donations from our community.
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News about RESET

Torge Peters

Sustainable Building Revolution: This CO2 Heavyweight Needs a Rapid Transformation

The construction, heating, cooling and disposal of our buildings accounts for around 40 percent of Germany’s CO2 emissions. How can the transformation succeed and what do sustainable digital solutions look like? This is the subject of our latest RESET Greenbook.
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Interview with Kezia Rice, RESET’s Latest Sustainability Writer

Kezia is a freelance journalist and copy editor from the UK, specialising in topics relating to climate change and the toxicity of the fashion industry.
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Joseph Maina

Interview with Joseph Maina, RESET’s Voice From Kenya

Joseph Maina is a freelance journalist based in the Kenyan town of Naivasha. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of Nairobi.
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RESET is Seeking a Native English Sustainability & Digitalisation Editor in Berlin

RESET is looking for a new native English speaking Sustainability & Digitalisation Editor for our Berlin team. Apply until March 15th 2024!

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Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

German Sustainability Award 2023: RESET is Nominated!

The German Sustainability Award (DNP) rewards contributions that point the way to a sustainable future. We are pleased to be nominated with RESET.
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Sustainable Digitisation In Action: 28 Contributions From Bits & Bäume

How can society become sustainably digital? This is the subject of the recently-published book ‘Shaping Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Society’.

How Can the Mobility Transition Gain Momentum?

The transport sector is still responsible for enormous CO2 emissions. A mobility turnaround is urgently needed. But what are the essential steps and what role does digitalisation play in this?
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We are convinced that a green and fair future is possible! Do you want to get involved with us for a sustainable world?