7 green gadgets to reduce your carbon footprint

Fun and recreation can now be hugely associated to hi-tech gadgets. People enjoy indulging into adventurous recreational activities as much as they would like to get busy exploring their gadgets. But how responsible are they when it comes to recreation and choosing their gadgets and home technology?

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The dawn of the alarming environmental problems calls everyone to be aware, alert and involved. Research reveals that up to 90% of home energy is uselessly wasted. Depending on several factors, each household would consume energy of up to 15% on cooking and appliances, 7% on lighting, 2% on entertainment devices, 10% on washer and dryer, 11% on water heater, 2% on dishwasher, 6% on refrigerator, and 45% on heating and cooling. Just imagine that, if we would consider the issue globally.

These figures are fluctuating, but the real challenge is on how each one of us can contribute to even lower them. People should be part of the mission to save, rehabilitate and protect the environment for the sake of all life forms. Little or big ways, the most important thing about it is that we help and we make a positive difference.

How to go green and enjoy hi-tech gadgets? Highly knowledgeable and skilled geniuses present environmental-friendly technological innovations to help preserve the environment without depriving any individual the right to enjoy and have fun. If you would want to become part of this cause, check out the following green gadgets and see if you could consider them.

Solar Power Tent

As an outdoors enthusiast, I find this solar power tent interesting and useful. By generating light from the sun through a solar panel, the tent is capable of providing several hours of tent light and even energy for other essential purposes. Solar power tents can be bought at reasonable prices from (US) $299 to $599.

Amazon Kindle

With this innovation, people are saving on paper while enjoying their huge collection of favourite literatures. It is capable of holding more than a thousand books sans the worry of carrying tons of paperbooks. Slim, handy and user-friendly, anyone can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Amazon Kindle are available from $79 to $599.

Hybrid Desktop

Desktops are now also getting green and the market today offers a wide variety of choices. Among these innovations is the studio hybrid environment-friendly desktop which is low power. It is small but still at par with the normal desktop. Environment-friendly computers are available from $550 to $1,500.

Surge Protector

Energy-saving and ideal for home office or professional workstations, the surge protector protects devices from damage and system crashes. It comes in different outlet variances and has advanced power filtration that allows your devices optimum performance. Diverse protectors are available from $5 to $30.

Eco Charger

This device offers energy without wasting a single percent of it. Most chargers continue to drain energy even if the battery has already been charged, but left unplugged. But this one is different for it only provides the exact amount of energy requirement of your device. Even if it is still plugged in, it will not continue giving energy when the device is full. Eco-chargers are priced depending on purposes, which may range from $20 to $100.

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Generating power from the sun to cool the house off, this solar-powered air-conditioning unit is very useful at home and in saving energy. It also has a battery that can supply power in case the sun is not out. Prices for solar-powered air conditioners range from $100 to $ 1,300.

Solar Blight Blinds

This is an environment-friendly home innovation that allows homeowners to light up their houses through the solar powered blinds. It will absorb energy from the sun and use this energy to light up the house at night. Solar blight blinds are just affordable for every household.

There are many more of these great innovations that help us in conserving energy and protecting the environment. But the mission to save, heal and protect the environment does not totally depend on these inventions. An individual can do more than what these gadgets and home technology can do. Awareness and involvement are two important things people need to have and do to be able to help.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you can help even in little ways. Whether you are a travel enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or an artist, consider the environment in your exploits and deals. Whether you are a simple employee or into trade-a-plane or executive jets business or a politician, make it part of your everyday life and programs to protect the environment and save Mother Earth.

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