Why Wait Until Friday to Take a Stand for the Climate? You Can Start Right Now!

This Friday, September 20th, is the global climate strike, where people around the world (us included) will be out on the streets to make our voices heard.

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Sarah-Indra Jungblut, 09.18.19

This Friday, September 20th, is the global climate strike, where people around the world (us included) will be out on the streets to make our voices heard.

But what will happen after that day? And what can you do to get started right now? We’ve come up with a few easy-to-follow tips on the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and demand that policy-makers also take action.

Climate change is the greatest threat of our time – because without a habitable earth to live on, what else is there? But what can we do to tackle the problem? Wait for politicians to act and hope that they’ll make the right decisions before it’s too late? Waiting certainly hasn’t proved to be an effective solution, with words so far being followed with little – if any – effective action. So it’s more important than ever to take to the streets – to show governments around th world that they need to take rapid and radical action to protect the climate and ensure a future worth living for coming generations.

Is there anything else we can do? Many people believe – understandably – that the issue of climate change is just too vast for individual actions to really make a difference. But is that really the case? We don’t agree, and have come up with 12 straight-forward tips on how you can not only reduce your own carbon footprint by making both small and big changes, but also put pressure on politicians to step up and do the right thing: 12 Things You Can Do Right Now on Climate Change.

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12 Things You Can Do Right Now on Climate Change

The climate is changing - but are you? Changes in the way you live your life - both big and small - can help you reduce your own personal carbon footprint, and also encourage policy makers to act for the good of the planet. Below is a list of 12 easy things you can do right now to help fight climate change.