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Smart Approaches to Sustainability

Content tagged with Education

TIMES Pieces: Connecting the World, One Telecentre at a Time

We chat with Executive Director of Telecentre.org Foundation, Miguel Raimilla, to look at how a group of organisations with high ideals took the idea of linking people in remote communities to the world wide web and other communications technologies and morphed it into a cornerstone of sustainable development. Read on

A Game Changer for Education

Universal Children’s Day is observed on the 20th of November every year, and with each occurrence we see new and unique projects dedicated to the welfare of children around the world. Read on

Step Inside the Virtual Classroom

From taking cooking classes on Youtube to earning entire degrees outside of a classroom, eLearning has grown from being a "last resort" option to a frontrunner for providing pathways to education. Read on

Learning with 1s and 0s

The shift towards getting tech tools into classrooms in the developing world is providing new educational pathways to children that help ensure no one is left behind in our highly digitised world. Read on

Tech for the Classroom

In the run up to Universal Children's Day (taking place on 20 November), RESET.org is taking a look at education and the role that technology and new media can play in boosting access to and delivering educational tools. Read on

The Mid Day Meal Havoc

The Mid Day Meal program is a school lunch programme in India which was initiated with the very noble idea of providing adequate nutrition and protein to disadvantaged children during the course of school day through a free lunch. The initiative has, of late, come under fire after 24 students died after consuming their mid day meal. Read on

Petition: End the Education Emergency

Teenage activist, Malala Yousafzai, has started a petition calling for the UN to back up its commitment to getting every boy and girl in by school by December 2015. Ms Yousafzai will personally deliver the petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon this Friday 12 July. Read on

All-in Learning

Recently launched in Berlin, Allversity is a free online, open-learning portal designed to provide people worldwide with a well-rounded educational framework as well as specialised skills to help their local community. Read on

Role of NGOs in Imparting Environmental Education in India

There is growing awareness about environmental issues amongst stakeholders, individuals and communities. This increase in knowledge and awareness has been, by and large, the result of campaigns and education programmes run by major public interest groups concerned with the environment. Read on