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Smart Approaches to Sustainability

Linux4Africa: Bridging the Digital Divide

Tanzania, Mozambique, FreiOSS e.V.



In Germany, there are 600 computers per 1000 people. In Mozambique, there are 6 computers per the same number of people. Almost no African school child gets the chance to use a computer which equates to bad conditions for surviving in a digital knowledge society.


Linux4Africa bridges the digital divide bet­ween the North and South. Schools in Africa are pro­vided with computers and open source soft­ware. Modern com­muni­cation tech­nologies creates oppor­tunities for social and economic develop­ment.

30% donated 8 046,15 EUR needed

Costs of hardware and transportation Show details
Total11 500,00 EUR



Linux's Mission in Kenya

Linux4Afrika has started on a new mission: to equip the St. Scholastica School in Nairobi, Kenya with new computers and screens. Two years ago, one of St. Scholastica's classrooms was hooked up to the net; now, a second classroom will be connected to the server while existing hardware will be examined and supplied with more power. Read on

2014: Linux4Afrika on the Road

After a busy year delivering large numbers of computers and hardware from storage halls in Freiburg to Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, the team from Linux4Afrika will, in 2014, focus on the installation and maintenance of the computers. Read on

A pause on collections for Linux4Afrika

Over the last few weeks, a number of large deliveries were sent sent on a trip from Freiburg to Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. The goods are scheduled to arrive (hopefully in good order) on African shores by the end of the year. The shipment means that Linux4Afrika's halls are completely empty – and will remain that way for the time being. Read on

Donations from customs offices

After the customs office in Freiburg had been given 124 PCs to Linux4Afrika in April a second delivery from the customs office in Lörrach the amount of PCs in the Linux4Afrika storeroom had risen to about 300. The smart Esprimo PCs will now be equipped with hard drives which were kindly provided by the company Hetzner. Read on

To provoke Microsoft with Linux4Africa

In Africa a new computer-affine generation is growing up. Free Software is an important factor within this development as it enables many Africans to easily get access to the digital world. Microsoft on the other hand follows these developments rather worried. Our partner project Linux4Africa is jointly responsible. Read on

TFT Displays from Switzerland

The bare facts: The company MIGROS in Switzerland donates 60 TFT displays to Linux4Africa. They are collected in Bern und stored in our storeroom in Freiburg. But is this the whole story yet? As usual the interesting things are the details, the many steps that individual persons have taken so that the project can succeed. Read on

Activities of Linux4Africa

At the moment Linux4Africa is not active in Tanzania, because there is some trouble with the funding partners. For this they focus on their projects in Mozambique, Kenia, South-Africa - and in Afghanistan for a short time! There Linux4Africa installed a first newtwork for our project Skateistan last october. Read on

x2go Certification Training started

This Monday, 20th of June of 2011, CENFOSS staff, Celso Timana and Ercilio plus Paulo Cossa, received the first official training about the x2go certification in Africa. This certification will be needed for all future rollouts for all our partners in Africa. The objective of the training is to empowering CENFOSS staff in order to be able to deploy the new x2go solution on Ubuntu 10.10. Read on

Project Description