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Smart Approaches to Sustainability

"Child Prostitutes in Indian Temples" - a Film by Plan Children-Media-Projects

Global Eyes TV proudly presents its collaboration with PLAN. PLAN is an international NGO fighting for chidren rights. The NGO not only finds godfathers & godmothers for children in need it also organises mediaworkshops for the young ones in over 30 countries. The aim is to empower youths by providing them with strong voices. This film tells the story of Savitri: By the age of 12 Savitri became a Jogini - Jogini are young women who are being forced into prostitution due to religious rites. This cruel tradition is legally forbidden in India - but there are still parts of the country where temple prostitution of children is a common fact. Covered as a religious custom thousands of girls are being abused. By becoming a godfather or godmother you can support these young girls to get back happy & safe lives.

www.plan-deutschland.de, www.plan-international.org