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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


CoP 11 gets underway in Hyderabad

The international United Nations meeting on biodiversity kicked off in Hyderabad yesterday, calling upon all governments to invest in biodiversity. The eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), known simply as CoP 11, got underway in Hyderabad yesterday, bringing together representatives from across the globe in an effort to map out a way forward with regards to conserving and restoring biodiversity. Read on

New mandatory waste segregation laws introduced in Bangalore

Residents of Bangalore will now be required to separate waste before it is collected by municipal authorities. With overflowing landfill areas becoming an increasingly pressing issue nationally, the Karnataka state government has implemented new processes to its waste management system in Bangalore. Residents and companies operating in the city are now required to separate waste prior to its collection by municipal workers. Read on

Central Ground Water Board releases atlas of India's groundwater aquifiers

The Central Ground Water Board has released an atlas marking priority areas for water conservation and ground water replenishment. The atlas provides detailed data on 14 principal and 42 major aquifiers across the country as well as providing in depth analysis about the state of aquifiers in six states including Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu. Read on

Nero's Guests

Farmer suicides. The issue that is, at times, shoved under the rug and only ever so slightly cracks the surface in mainstream media. Read on

The Humanure Power Project

The Humanure Power Project kills two birds with one stone, providing a waste management solution which also helps generate an affordable electricity supply for homes in the village of Sukhpur, Bihar. Read on

Get on your bikes and ride!

As part of a localised version of the internationally popular public bicycle sharing schemes, Mysore is set to become the first Indian city to receive bicycles which residents can rent for free to cover short distances. Read on