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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


What is Fairtrade?

You have seen the Fairtrade label on products in the supermarkets but do you actually know what this label means? It is important that you (as the consumer) educate yourself on the topic of fair trade and understand why your support through the purchase of fair trade products is so important. Read on

Cauvery river water dispute

The water conflict issue between states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry is due to the River Cauvery, which is regarded as one of the best regulated rivers of India. Almost 90 percent of the flow is utilised for the irrigation of one million hectares of agricultural land as well as generating electricity which helps the states to generate revenue and provide wealth and prosperity to its entire basin area. Read on

Hip hop group spotlights honour killings

Can a song change the world? That depends on who you ask but there is no denying the arts has offered a voice to people or issues that otherwise go unheard. In the same vein, Palestinian hip hop group DAM use their latest track to confront the horrific issue of honour killings. Read on