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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Karnataka considers total ban on plastic bags

In an effort to tackle ongoing waste management concerns, Karnataka state government announced recently that it will consider strengthening its legislation against plastic carry bags, using the next two weeks to assess the possibility of completely banning their manufacture and use. Read on

India's changing cities

It’s been said a million times before: India is evolving rapidly and nowhere is this more visible than in its cities. People are arriving in the cities in droves, in search of higher education opportunities and solid job prospects, with many arguing this places India’s cities’ already-stressed resources under further duress. Read on

Women lay the foundations for peace in the Northeast

The Northeast region of India never seems to be far from the headlines. Racked by militant revolts and insurgencies ever since India declared independence from Britain in 1947, the seven-state region has, of late, been in the news due to severe flooding –while the rest of the country endured a tough drought—and violent uprisings in the state of Assam. Read on