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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Finding Mammal – Automatic Device Helps Count Migrating Whales

The grey whale is one of the animal kingdom’s great migrators. Every year they migrate in groups called pods, swimming a 20,000 km round trip between Alaskan waters and the warmer Mexican coast close to Baja California. The other major group of grey whales lives in the seas of Korea. Scientists have developed a device to automatically track the formerly-endangered mammal. Read on

The First Tablet for the Blind

In a lot of cases, access to the digital world is, for people who are blind or visually impaired, only possible through assistive programmes.However, things are starting to change. Start up Blitab has created a tablet with a tactile screen. Read on

A Pedal-powered Tractor That Saves Fuels with ZERO Emissions

Good news for those who own small-sized farmland! Sustainable farming means using resources within an agricultural setting without much external input needed, but it is inevitable to use small tractors to do many jobs such as plowing, weeding, seeding and harvesting. Tractors consume fuel, compact soil, cost a lot, and cause physical damage to the operator. Is there an alternative? Read on

Watching the Earth Breathe from Space

It is not such groundbreaking news to know that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has already exceeded 400 parts per million. We humans are burning fossil fuels day and night, adding more than 36 billion tonnes of this greenhouse gas every year. Have any of us thought about: where does this CO2 go? Read on

Info Cycle: Where Are Our Bicycles Really Taking Us?

When you think of Ford Motor Company, you probably picture vehicles with more than just two wheels. But the car giant is now turning its attention to bicycles too, as part of their new “Smart Mobility” plan, announced by the company’s CEO last month, which tracks the movement of bicycles through urban landscapes. Read on

Solar Power, Camera, Action!

Solar Cinema Nepal is a nomadic project that travels through Nepali villages in the Himalayas. Using solar-powered recording equipment, the team works with villagers to create shorts films that shine a light on local issues. Read on