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Spotlight Brazil: "No, I'm Not Going to the World Cup"

It's not long to go until the start of the World Cup in Brazil. Most are looking forward to kick off on 12 June however, Brazil's joy over hosting the World Cup this year and the Olympics in 2016 has been clouded by massive rights violations, evictions and protests by the local population. People have not sat idly by and watched the corrupt machinations of the World Cup organisers; they've taken to the streets. Read on

Spotlight Brazil: Green Stadiums?

The football World Cup needs no introduction. It brings with it a legacy of glorious victories, surprising upsets and unbridled tension. It also brings with it a legacy of stadiums, some of which were forgotten about moments after the last goal was scored. Read on

Spotlight Brazil: Favelas & Buzzing Cities

The world's most widely viewed sporting event, the FIFA World Cup 2014, is almost here. Two journalists have been profiling the transitions in parts of the World Cup's host for this year, Brazil, as part of the project, Buzzing Cities. Read on

Spotlight Brazil: RESET Kicks Off Spotlight Brazil

Brazil is known for its love of football and with the five-time World Cup champions playing host to this year's tournament, the country is about to show the globe its spirits. Even though many locals want to see their team hoist the trophy, the majority of citizens is now critical of the event taking place in their country, according to recent polls. Read on