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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


mHealth - the Future is Bright

Improvements in mobile technology are leading to a makeover in how healthcare so far has been perceived and, particularly, accessed. Read on

EcoATM, Recycling your Useless Mobile Phone

An ATM machine to take your useless phone back and pay you with an equivalent worth of cash, how does that sound? With technology updates coming at us faster than we can keep up with, our once-treasured smartphones, tablets and laptops are increasingly getting replaced with new models. Read on

Robotic Tumbleweeds Used to Analyse the Desert

The desert lives and breathes or so the saying goes. How exactly this occurs is not always clear so green designer, Shlomi Mir, is attempting to get the bottom of it all. To collect information and make predictions about the desert, Mir is looking to set some tech-charged tumbleweeds blowing across the land. Read on

Darwin Still Making his Mark

Today marks Darwin’s 205th birthday, and to celebrate the date we’ve decided to highlight his little known influence on a subject we talked about a lot last year: gaming for education. Read on