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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


D.Light’s ‘Pay As You Go’ Model for Solar Home Systems

In many parts of the world, a kerosene lamp costs around 10 Euros whereas a solar home lighting system i.e. solar lamp costs more than three times that making the financial feasibility of the solar lamps way out of reach for people living at or below the poverty level. Read on

Reforming An Agriculture and Forestry College for Underprivileged Students

Its 9:00 in the morning of 7 August 2014 and here I am at the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College (NAFC) on the outskirts of Luang Prabang in Laos. The first job fair of the college kicks off with opening remarks, followed by job-seeking workshops, alumni presentations and culture shows like traditional ethnic and break-dance. Read on

Magic Mushrooms - Are Fungi the New Plastic?

Mycology – the science of mushrooms. After animals and plants, fungi are the third class of living beings and are impressively versatile. They help support cheese production, are a delicious addition to cooking, have healing (and intoxicating) properties and can even be surfed upon. Wait a minute...surf? Read on

Monitoring Hate Speech to Stop Genocide

Hatebase crowdsources occurrences of hate speech throughout the world and catalogues them online in an effort to assist peacemakers, politicians and NGOs stem outbreaks of genocide. Read on