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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Do Agric, It Pays! African Youth Voices Heard in Digital AU Summit

Did you know that 2014 is the African Union (AU) Year of Agriculture? About 11 years ago, 54 African States committed to invest at least 10 percent of national budgets in agriculture. What’s happening nowadays? Africa still has more than 240 million people suffering from malnutrition and only eight from 54 countries have committed to the 2003 agreed investment. Read on

Is it a house, a home, or a castle... or a flip-top bench?

Whether you think of your living space as a house, a home, or a castle, it's a roof over your head and that's the most important thing. Over 100 million people worldwide have no shelter whatsoever, but homeless people in Vancouver have recently been offered a different type of roof. Read on

Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion - Accountability

Have you ever paid a bribe to a government agency in order for them to get your work done or to get yourself out of a hassle? Or have you ever said ‘NO’ to a Bribe? The website I Paid a Bribe looks to promote transparency within the government and tackle corruption. Read on

Citizen Birdwatchers Join Kenya Bird Map Project

Kenya, a country only the size of Texas, has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa. In the past, birdwatchers in Kenya could find birds and interpret the significance of field observations only by reading ‘A Bird Book of Kenya’ written by Adrian Lewis, which recorded 1,065 species of birds in the country though most data were pretty outdated and recorded 30 years ago. Read on

The Virtual Fight Against HIV

It used to be that we played video games to escape reality. Now we can play them to better cope with reality. Video games, social networks and chat rooms can all be used to help prevent HIV. Read on

Sustainable Development 2.0: Healthcare Beyond 2015

Health is the underlying theme in the context of global development, with 6 out of the 8 Millennium Development Goals committed to it one way or another. There is no one solution for healthcare, it has to be tailored to the region in question and that is what proving extremely arduous for very isolated and remote areas of the world. Read on