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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


1 x Weekend Shopping = 4 Hand Grenades

Value Added Tax or Goods and Services Tax is often added on to the price of consumer products deemed non-essential. When buying our cosmetics, clothes and snackfoods many of us might not be aware of exactly where our money (and our taxes) ends up, particularly, that some of it goes towards funding the weapons industry. Read on

Indian Tuk-Tuk Drivers Addressing Issues of Gender Discrimination

Tuk-tuk drivers in cities like Delhi are being taught to offer a friendlier service to citizens and travellers. Apart from encouraging drivers to offer services such as reading material, phone charging facilities and even wi-fi internet connectivity in the near future, drivers are being taught to treat all passengers with respect, regardless of gender.  Read on

Apple Says No to Conflict Minerals

Apple recently released its latest Supplier Responsibility report detailing, among other things, its intention to halt the use of conflict minerals in its gadgets and to list the names and certification status of its minerals suppliers. Read on

Chinese Herbs are Getting Sick

Thousands of years ago, people discovered the medicinal value of plants. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine therapy draws on ancient practices and has evolved to a sophisticated diagnostic system and has risen to the world stage as a global icon for its unique and natural healing qualities. Read on