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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


A Pollination Highway Bee-comes Reality in Oslo

Environmentalists in Oslo, Norway have set up the world's first 'highway' for bees, encouraging businesses, households and schools to plant bee-friendly plants in open spaces to help bees safely navigate through the city and minimise any harmful impacts that urban settings have on bee populations. Read on

Is This The Secret To The Perfect (Sustainable) Cup of Tea?

“One day of extra energy use from overfilling electric kettles is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.” This statement by sustainability advocate Leyla Acaroglu, in a 2013 TED talk, was the spark that inspired the development of a smart, energy-saving and genuinely exciting alternative to the electric kettle. Read on

Solar Power on the Water

Looking to balance a commitment to more renewable energy with the fact that available land in the country is scarce, Japan is maximising space and building floating solar farms on water. Read on

Tesla's Powerwall Offers More Energy Autonomy

Renewable energy is great – but it's not without its problems. For example, storing electricity for future use can be tricky, which is where storage units come into play. Just last month, Tesla introduced Powerwall, an intelligent lithium-ion battery for household use. Read on

Want Power? Just Add Water!

Back in your high school physics class, did you ever think about this: capturing energy when water comes down from the clouds; or tap the energy when water goes into air, into the atmosphere? Read on

Designing the Future: DMY Design Festival Berlin 2015

Berlin hosted the international DMY Design festival last weekend, and RESET was in attendance. Housed in the striking surroundings of a converted power station on the banks of the river Spree, the festival was a four-day long celebration of international product design, featuring creations from all over the world, as well as presentations, talks and workshops. Read on

POC21: Can We Build Sustainable Economies Ourselves?

Tired of the political tug-of-war over how to manage climate change and develop carbon-neutral economies? Check out POC21, an event organisers hope will take place in the lead up to this year's climate talks in Paris where people will be given the chance to prototype a collaborative, fossil fuel-free society. Read on

A Snapshot of Earth's Past, Present and Future

Who needs a flux capacitor when you've got satellite technology?! Take a step back in time with NASA's Climate Time Machine, a visual representation of how global warming has affected our planet over the last few decades as well as a forecast of the impact certain aspects, like sea level rises, could have on the earth. Read on

A Uniquely Artistic Take On Lisbon's Trash

How does that saying go again? "One man's trash is another man's... mural?" A talented young street artist from Lisbon has created a serious of mammoth-sized sculptures on the streets of his hometown: collecting local garbage and ingeniously constructing it into eye-popping 3D works of art. Read on