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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


A Bank That's Run By Street Children, For Street Children

Set up in the the Fatehpuri neighbourhood of Old Delhi, India is a unique bank which has been set up by children for children aged between 9-18 years. Irrespective of the family background, the bank, called Children’s Development Khazana (CDK) or Bal Vikas Khazana, provides children an opportunity to save money. Read on

Forests biomass and carbon stock assessment reduce emissions

Forests in South East Asia are subjecting from the forest loss for instance unsustainable logging practices, shifting cultivation and infrastructure development. But it also means that they have much potential for piloting mitigation activities through limiting deforestation and carbon storage from the forestry sector. Read on

Repair Cafés: Fixing Appliances for Free

It often times works out cheaper and less arduous to discard a broken electronic and buy a new one than it does to get the old gadget fixed at the local repair shop in Europe or in most developed countries. Read on

France Plans a Big Move Towards Biogas

The European market for green energy was feared to have plateaued following the financial crisis of 2008, however investments in renewable fuels such as biogas do show that the road to sustainability has not been put on the backburner as we might have first thought.  Read on

Can Poverty Be Linked to Infrastructure?

Analysis of infrastructure needs has come into the spotlight, thanks to a World Bank report, “Reducing Poverty by Closing South Asia’s Infrastructure Gap”, which constitutes as the one of the very first, major studies into South Asia region’s infrastructure gaps. Read on

How ICT Tools Improve Information Sharing among Farmers in Northern Laos

In the remote hinterland and highland in Laos, a lack of telecommunication infrastructure in rural communities - due to poor roads and telephone links - has limited smallholder access to production information and markets for small-scale trade of subsistence crops or livestock as well as the chance to get better premiums for some high-value products such as NTFPs, wild honey, mushrooms and tree Read on