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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Berlin Sets Up First "Migration Hub" for Startups That Help Refugees

Germany certainly hasn't been backward in its approach to helping migrants; the generosity shown by both its government and the ordinary people on the streets has set an example to many other European countries. And now there's yet another initiative coming out of the country's capital. A new popup coworking space has recently opened in Berlin, offering the city's startups a space to meet up and work on projects that help refugees. Read on

Voilà! And Fruit Becomes a Bag

Using ancient culinary traditions as their inspiration and with the issue of food waste firmly on their minds, a group of design students from Rotterdam is working on a leather product made using fruit waste. Read on

Circle of 6: A Smartphone App That Prevents Sexual Violence

With one in four university students reporting sexual violence in the US, the issue of security in colleges has become a number one priority within education institutions across the country. Initiatives that seek to promote security on campuses and to ensure that student life is not tarred by preventable sexual violence have flourished. Read on

Green Economy to Come Into Focus at Ecosummit London

Ecosummit London's third edition is just around the corner. After two previous editions in London, six in Berlin and one in Düsseldorf, Ecosummit has become one of the leading events for green economy and clean technology startups to expand their operations and reach the next level. Read on

Beetle-Plastic the New Bio-Plastic?

Breeding insects on an industrial scale could meet the increasing demand for feed for cattle. With the Netherlands leading the charge in insect-rearing, Dutch designer Aagje Hoekstra is already thinking a step further: what to do with the waste the insects produce on this industrial scale? Aagje had the idea to make plastic out of their armour. Read on

Be a Player of Change During 'Urban October'

From electric buses to bee pollination highways and wifi-equipped rubbish bins, a flock of inventions has recently been making its mark on urban landscapes. Got an innovative idea for smart city planning? Apply to take part in the Players of Change conference. Read on