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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Support Small Business by saying "I’m paying with Credibles! "

Long ago before the raging popularity of smart phone, we used to have prepaid SIM card instead of nowadays 2BG or monthly data plans. The prepaid concept seems already been bounded in our daily lives. Credit cards (technically you are pre-indebted too), our railway cards, SKYPE calling credits, giftcards and all sort of memberships you name it. Hang on, heard of ‘edible credits’ yet? Read on

The Most Sustainable City in the World Is...

Frankfurt! Not only is Frankfurt one of the leading international finance centres, it also sits atop Arcadis' Sustainable Cities Index 2015. To complete the ranking, 50 cities in 31 countries were analysed according to their perfomance in three categories: Profit, Planet and People with Frankfurt taking out top spot in the first two categories. Read on

Finding Mammal – Automatic Device Helps Count Migrating Whales

The grey whale is one of the animal kingdom’s great migrators. Every year they migrate in groups called pods, swimming a 20,000 km round trip between Alaskan waters and the warmer Mexican coast close to Baja California. The other major group of grey whales lives in the seas of Korea. Scientists have developed a device to automatically track the formerly-endangered mammal. Read on

The First Tablet for the Blind

In a lot of cases, access to the digital world is, for people who are blind or visually impaired, only possible through assistive programmes.However, things are starting to change. Start up Blitab has created a tablet with a tactile screen. Read on

A Pedal-powered Tractor That Saves Fuels with ZERO Emissions

Good news for those who own small-sized farmland! Sustainable farming means using resources within an agricultural setting without much external input needed, but it is inevitable to use small tractors to do many jobs such as plowing, weeding, seeding and harvesting. Tractors consume fuel, compact soil, cost a lot, and cause physical damage to the operator. Is there an alternative? Read on