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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Follow Your Food From Harvest To Plate at This Soon-to-open San Francisco Restaurant

Concerns about what we put in our mouths are multiplying. Is the food healthy? Does it contain unnecessary enhancers? Were pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics involved in its production? Was it sustainably sourced and produced in a socially responsible manner? Such questions are complex and can either put us off eating altogether, or they can make us bury our heads in the sand. Read on

Crowdfunding for Crowdinvesting: New Platform for Climate Projects is Seeking Support

Most people know of crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Anyone can use these portals to collect funds for a project or product idea. Plans are currently underway to launch a platform (called CLIME-IT) specifically for start ups wishing to tackle climate change using innovative solutions. However, the initiators of the project are still in need of support. Read on

'Venice' - Coming to a City Near You in the Not-so-distant Future

Venice. Some claim it to be the world most beautiful city. Stunning architecture immersed in water. Sometimes literally. Charming, romantic, and a much loved destination for millions of travellers every year. And in the not-so-distant future some travellers will be able to enjoy 'Venice' from the comfort of their own city, all courtesy of climate change. Would you like a sneak preview? Read on

Call Out To All Social Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Technology Whizz Kids With Clever Ideas For Social Good

Are you, or do you know someone who has been developing technologies and innovations with a social impact potential for people in developing and emerging countries? Could these technologies and innovations help generate jobs? Are they underpinned by fairness, social responsibility and self-sustainability? If so, the 'empowering people, Award' can help bring them to scale. Read on

Why Are Rwanda's Gorilla Conservationists Busy Thinking Up Baby Names?

Last month, Rwanda’s Development Board hosted an event called Kwita Izina, a traditional Rwandese naming ceremony for newborns. But there was something very un-traditional about the babies being celebrated. The country was honouring its gorilla population rather than its human one, the result of a success story that has seen numbers of the endangered species rising year on year. Read on

MARS: A Watchful Eye Over Freshwater in Europe

Land use changes, such as deforestation, and intensive agricultural practices are two of the greatest drivers of biodiversity loss, and while human activities have been changing the face of the earth pretty much since we set foot upon it, the current speed and intensity of change are not giving nature the time it needs to regenerate itself. Read on

TIMES Pieces: The Will to Share - A Tool to Discover ICT in Agriculture

The use of Information and Communication Technologies in African countries is increasing and is playing a huge role in rural development. We spoke with Elisabetta Demartis, founder of Italian start-up Agritools, about discovering the real effects of the use of ICTs through sharing stories of young African tech savvies that want to bring agriculture to the next level. Read on