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Smart Approaches to Sustainability


Korean Cyclists Get Shade from Solar Panels

Smart city planning these days inevitably includes ingenious and intuitive approaches to incorporating bicycle lanes into the urban landscape. Solar bike lanes have recently become a hot topic and take on various forms: from paved-on road lanes in the Netherlands to a tunnel of photovoltaics hanging over bike paths in South Korea. Read on

Soil Matters in the Digital World

A smartphone application SoilWeb, developed by the UC Davis California Soil Resource Lab, is providing people in the field with up-to-date information about soil. Whether you are a farmer, a researcher, an engineer, an ecologist, a gardener or you are simply curious about this ubiquitous yet underrated resource called soil, upon which all human life depends, then this app is for you. Read on

Making a Living from Arsenic-free Water

In some parts of the world, getting access to arsenic-free safe drinking water is difficult. Drinkwell Systems looks to overcome this obstacle by offering systems that sanitise water supply and simultaneously create water entrepreneurs. Read on

The Earthquake Warning System In Our Pocket

Millions of people who live in earthquake-prone regions live under the threat of natural disaster. Countries such as Japan and Mexico have early warning systems in place that could help save lives. According to a US study, smartphones could now also alert people when the earth starts to shake. Read on

European Youth Award 2015: Submit Your Project

Young people, entrepreneurs and startups that are using digital tools to address environmental challenges now have the chance to become the European Youth Award Champion 2015 and travel to the EYA Festival in Graz, Austria! Apply before 21 July. Read on

Around the World in 12 Solar-powered Legs

An adventure with an ecological mission: Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are on a journey around the world with the solar airplane 'Solar Impulse 2'. The two wish to demonstrate how clean, green technologies can play a big role in changing the world. Follow their trip! Read on